So Lit set up a room complex where the dogs would be presented with multiple scents of interest

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but no actual drugs or explosives. However, the handlers were told that they were looking for the real thing, and also that the areas ...

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but no actual drugs or explosives. However, the handlers were told that they were looking for the real thing, and also that the areas with conflicting scents were marked in a certain way. The results were condemning: Only 21 out of 144 searches accurately reported nothing of interest.

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Panorama have a right and duty to investigate, even into events a decade old, but sitting on the story until the eve of the World Cup vote smacked of cynical ratings hunting. No wonder Andy Anson, the chief executive of the England bid team, is so incensed by Panorama timing. Nilhebeechhaidrib . He also painfully aware of how the of ExCo members will react.

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